Interim Measures and Possible Outcomes

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Interim Protective Measures

Interim protective measures are actions taken by the college to ensure equal access to its education programs and activities, and foster a more stable and safe environment during the process of reporting, investigation, and/or resolution.

Interim protective measures are initiated based on information gathered during a report. They may be requested by the parties involved or be imposed by the college at any time, regardless of whether any particular course of action is sought by the reporting party.

Interim protective measures may include but is not limited to:

  • Assistance in setting up initial appointments off campus.
  • Imposition of a trespass warning or a campus “No-Contact Order.”
  • Rescheduling of exam and/or assignments.
  • Providing alternative course completion options.
  • Change in class schedule, including the ability to drop a course without penalty, or to transfer sections.
  • Change in work schedule, work location or job assignment.
  • College-imposed leave, suspension or separation.

Possible Outcomes

After receiving a report and completing an initial assessment, one possible outcome may be a remedies-based resolution. A remedies-based resolution is not disciplinary in nature and does not include a sanction. Another potential outcome is an investigation which may lead to no finding, or a finding of responsibility.

Potential consequences after a finding of responsibility may include, but are not limited to:

For Students

  • Removal from specific courses or activities
  • Warning
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

For Employees

  • Training
  • Referral to counseling
  • Warning or reprimand
  • Withholding of a promotion or pay increase
  • Reassignment
  • Temporary suspension without pay
  • Termination


The finding by the investigator or disciplinary resolution officer, may be appealed by both the responding and reporting parties to a designated appeals officer. A review of the matter will be prompt and narrowly tailored to stated appeal grounds. The reporting party and/or responding party may appeal only the parts of the determination of directly relating to him or her.

The limited grounds for appeal are:

  • New information that could affect the finding of the disciplinary resolution officer that was not reasonably available through the exercise of due diligence at the time of the investigation; and/or
  • Material deviation(s) from written procedures that significantly affected the outcome.

The appeal should consist of a plain, concise and complete written statement outlining the grounds for the appeal.