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Topics of harassment, discrimination and violence are serious subjects that must be handled with care, and we want to ensure that individuals have the training, resources and support that are needed to prevent occurrences and properly respond to incidents, if they are disclosed.

To request training for a specialized group, please contact the office of Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations.

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Discrimination and Harassment Education

Valencia College is committed to inclusivity and is continuously working to amplify the message by communicating special initiatives, as well as providing resources and services to support all faculty, staff and students.

A central focus of our efforts to strengthen Valencia’s inclusive community revolve around preparing faculty, staff and students to know and exhibit inclusive behaviors, when to step in or speak out on situations, and how to report issues related to harassment, discrimination or sexual assault.

Listed below are several resources that will equip individuals with the information needed to keep Valencia inclusive and safe for all to work and learn.


Sexual Harassment Training

Valencia College employees are often seen as people who students or other staff members can reach out to for guidance, support or assistance in many areas. Individuals who share information that is sensitive in nature regarding their personal lives and experiences, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence and stalking, all require special attention from the college.

Per college policy 6H28:2-01, Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct, Valencia faculty and staff members may be asked to participate in online sexual harassment general awareness training. This provides information about reporting requirements, as well as how to respond to such disclosures.

Faculty and staff members will receive an email about training and have 30 days to complete the online course. Registration and course access is available through Valencia EDGE, and, since it is offered online, it can be taken at any time. After the 30-day period, individuals will receive notification that they have not yet completed the training. Faculty and staff should check their email regularly for a notification that the training is available.

Responsible Employees

Valencia College policy 6Hx28:2-01 Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct, identifies individuals at the college who are managers, supervisors or in leadership positions as “Responsible Employees.” These individuals may be seen as an employee that a student, faculty or staff member may reach out to for guidance, support or assistance in many areas. Information shared regarding sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence and stalking can be sensitive in nature and requires special attention from the college.

We recognize that this may be a new responsibility, and want to assure our employees that we are here to help you learn more about our expectations and provide training on how to respond to any such disclosures. All Responsible Employees are expected to participate in an in-person Title IX Responsible Employee Training. This training will provide you with comprehensive information regarding:

  • Policy 6Hx28:2-01 Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct
  • Definitions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence and stalking
  • Your role in responding to and supporting someone who shares sensitive information
  • Requirements of reporting and resources available

Responsible Employees include:

  • Deans, Directors, Program Chairs, Discipline Coordinators, Managers
  • Senior Leadership
  • Advisors
  • All faculty and staff on college-related trips
  • Faculty and staff who advise student organizations or activities
  • Counselors
  • Safety and Security Staff

For employees who have not yet enrolled in this training, please visit the “Valencia EDGE” located in Atlas on the “Employees” tab to register for the next available session that fits your schedule.

“Be the One” Student Training

Valencia College students may be impacted or know someone who has been impacted by domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. We want to ensure that students are informed about these issues and where to turn for help. “Be the One” provides students with comprehensive information regarding:

Students can access the program by going to Atlas, clicking on the Courses tab, and clicking on My Courses (Canvas) in the My Courses section or by logging into Canvas here.